Crocheted Handbag Pattern

If you like this pattern and decide to use it, please drop me an email to let me know how it turns out. I'd love to hear about it. Please don't post this pattern on your own page, instead, link to mine.

This bag features a marquerite stitch flap closure on a single crochet bag with marguerite stitch detail. The strap is crocheted in double crochet.

The bag consists of a number of components that are then crocheted together using single crochets (I find that using the single crochet gives the bag more strength, stiffness and shape than just sewing the components together).

Yarn: Patons Cotton DK mercerised cotton yarn. I recommend black but colour is a personal choice.

Hook: 4mm (or whatever else you like, it's a handbag so the tension doesn't have to be perfect). The smaller the hook, the tighter the stitches will be and the less likely things are to fall out. You may find the yarn a little hard to work with with a 2mm hook but you'll find the holes awefully large with a 6mm hook.

Special abbreviation: M3 - a marguerite. Insert the hook through the closing loop of the last marguerite, yarn over and draw through. Insert through same loop as last YO of last M3, yarn over and draw through. Skip 1 stitch. Insert hook through next stitch, yarn over and draw through. Yarn over and draw through all four loops on hook. CH to close. A 3 point one is similar or a five point marguerite (which makes a tighter fabric) can be used in this pattern.

Piece 1 (The Great Big Rectangle):

The Little Tiny Rectangles - make two, they're small

Come Together, Right Now

You now have the basic purse box. You can choose to finish it with a number of different straps, I used a strap crocheted in DC.

The Part that Holds it All Up

If you are brave and/or talented at sewing, you may now wish to line your hand bag. I wish you the best of luck and offer you no advice except to consult someone who sews better than me.