Jacquilynne: Knitting: Socks

Pic is from the pattern book, pic of actual project to follow. This pattern is from a Patons' Socks and Gloves to Knit for their Kroy line of knitting yarn. (Pattern book #665) The pattern is number 10, Single Work Socks. The picture is from the pattern book, I will try to scan a picture of my finished project soon.
I used Kroy 4 ply knitting yarn in Dark Grey with Light Grey as the contrast on 2 3/4 mm double point needles.

I love these socks! I've knit 3 pairs so far and I have enough yarn left for one more. They're just cosy and yummy and I'm regretting the fact that I'm giving most of those pairs away for Christmas.

These socks were the first thing I tried to knit on double points and the K2P2 ribbing that runs for about 16 inches at the start of the pattern was great practice before I got into anything complicated (you know, like turning the heel).

I actually found the socks to be a little long as that pattern calls for them to be 16 inches from the top of the heel. Later pairs that I have made have been shorter, I drop an inch off of the contrast and two inches off the main colour and end up with 13 inches above the heel instead of 16.