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I have been informed that I don't update my web page often enough and that it doesn't include any personal information. Given those two bits of personal criticism, er, I mean, friendly suggestions. I have decided to throw up a web journal and see how it goes. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep it updated. I did a guest appearance on Lor's Journal once and it was hard. Really hard.

I'll give it a try though and see how it goes. This will be an index to the journal entries, while the main page will actually be the current entry. That seemed to make the most sense, format wise.

October 4th, 1999 The introductory entry
October 5th, 1999 The Test from Hell.
October 6th, 1999 All about psych.
October 7th, 1999 Great test marks, graphics frustration and my Mom's stuffing.
October 9th, 1999 Early update that's really about October 8th, during which I wrote an Approach database and saw Random Hearts. Plus, later update which is about more graphics frustration.
October 12th, 1999 Update between classes that is mostly me being depressed about how much my long weekend sucked. Now with added stalker story!
October 14th, 1999 General complaints about school. The joys of ImagineRadio in the lab.
October 20th, 1999 A very short entry because I was having trouble with it.
October 21st, 1999 I don't remember. I wrote it so long ago and wasn't able to upload it for so long that I don't remember what it was about.
October 26th, 1999 Mostly Medical.
October 28th, 1999 MEMs and school stuff.
November 2nd, 1999 Drunken Midnight Bowling. A page that I have, for some reason misnamed as file and I don't feel like editing all my references to that file. So, eh, my Nov 2nd entry is called nov0199.html. Deal with it.
November 4th, 1999 Random thoughts mostly. I'm actually in a much better mood than this journal entry would suggest. Mostly because of the Psych Mark.
November 7th, 1999 Should have been working, updated instead. Mostly about Carbohydrates.
November 9th, 1999 The Hell Day that wasn't really so bad.
November 10th, 1999 Getting a passport.
November 16th, 1999 Weekend review including Technology Hell Day and some very fine movie viewing.
November 22nd, 1999 Week in review including Twist, Oliver Twist; Bond, James Bond and Guy, Bowling Guy.
November 29th, 1999 Some random thoughts about a bunch of stuff.
December 4th, 1999 Bowling guy is done. Ricardo is naked. Life is a nightmare. That about sums it up.
December 20th, 1999 Home for the holidays, a recap. Merry Christmas.
January 8th, 2000 Welcome to Y2K. Another mass recap journal.
January 13th, 2000 Extreme bitterness and the joy of frozen puddles.
January 17th, 2000 Damn its cold. Plus, Jacquilynne gets another million dollars in prescriptions.
January 18th, 2000 A list of truly humiliating life experiences.
January 19th, 2000 Sara answers yesterday's question of the day.
January 22th, 2000 The computer and the email.
January 24th, 2000 The email resolved.
January 26th, 2000 The email continued. Hopefully for the last time.
February 4th, 2000 Sara's personal update.
February 16th, 2000 A Reading Week update.
February 21st, 2000 A Reading Week update. Yes. Another one.
March 6th, 2000 Reindeer Games and drunken midnight bowling.
March 20th, 2000 Nothing. Really. I wouldn't even bother reading it if I were you.


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