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Rating System Stars with commentary. Would be a much better system if I could find a hint of how many stars the ratings are out of. Though I'm guessing 4. Content
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There is also an archive of shorter reviews written by various people available. I make no comment here on the content of those reviews.
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In general, I'm not partial to long serious film critique that goes into all the boring gory details of what stuff symbolizes. The difference with Jonathan Resenbaum's writing is, it's actually interesting. Unlike a lot of snobby critics, he seems to actually like movies. You get the impression while reading the reviews that watching the movie wasn't just an academic exercise for him.

Unlike most movie reviews you read or watch, this stuff is quotable in your senior film thesis - or any other thesis. Rosenbaum's commentary on film often offers real insight into cultural and political values, psychology and sociological conditions. He uses film as a sounding board for ideas and no where is that more evident than in his deft selection of movies to review together.

Stylistically, Rosenbaum's treatment is more austere and academic than a lot of movie reviews you'll read. Format wise, so is the page that holds them. Content is king here and when the content is as good as this, that's the best possible thing.