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Since discovering them scant weeks ago, I have read new Self Made Critic (SMC) reviews faithfully and covered as much of the archive as I can without alerting my boss to my lack of productive work. All in all though, I'm not sure if I read them for the information about the movie or just for the review itself. The fact is, these reviews - although shorter - are actually funnier and more interesting than most of the movies they review.

SMC is strictly Hollywood, a long running joke on the site is whether he's even seen all of the Best Picture nominees. I don't know if he knows what subtitles are.

SMC hands out ratings on the basis of Babylons. They range from 0 through 5 in all sort of wild fractional combinations. One of my favourite SMC practices is his habit of handing out addition and subtraction of Babylons based on obvious appeal (or lack there of) to certain fan groups. Not many reviewers remember that not everybody likes the same kind of movies.

Hmm. What to say about the SMC's style? I giggle frequently while reading them. In fact, it has been such a problem reading them on the web at work, I now have them sent to me at home so I don't get fired.

Which brings me to my point about format. Recent reviews are available in order of review. There is an alphabetic archive by year. There is also a mailing list for new reviews. Bonus points for the mailing list which is convenient (plus you get to sneak peak the reviews the day before they appear on the site, in case you are hyper competitive about keeping up with the Joneses), minus a bunch of points for not having a good index for that archive.

Overall, a very amusing site. Not the kind of source you want to quote for your next Film and Theatre paper, but that's not the point. This guy is funny and that's all that matters here.