The Pan-Galactic Questionnaire

This is the official Pan-Galactic Questionnaire. Because I am lazy and using my employer's time and resources to create this page, it doesn't include any fun bells and whistles. Submit the form, the results will be sent to me and at some point I will create a page with a summary of various results. If you have to update something, fill out the form with your Nick and any fields you want to update (you don't have to re-fill out the whole form) and at some point, I will also update the summary page, assuming I have created it in the first place.

In case you have neglected to remember, the Pan-Galactic Get Together will be the weekend of March 1st and 2nd, 2003 in Toronto (that's in Canada, eh, so better get your proof of citizenship in order, eh).

About me
Nick: Real Name:
Are you bringing a spouse, spouse-equivalent, "good friend", chaperone, mommy, dominatrix and/or other guest?If yes, how many?
Note: If your spouse, spouse-equivalent, "good friend", chaperone, mommy and/or dominatrix will require arrangements that differ from yours, please have them submit a separate form.
email address: You can publish my email address on the GTG page.
I don't want any of these nutjobs contacting me, keep my email address private.
I will be bringing a cellphone to the GTG. Its number is: You can publish my cell number on the GTG page.
I don't want any of these nutjobs contacting me, keep my cell number private.
Rate the likelihood that you will actually attend: 100% I've already booked my flight.
75% I have decided to come and I've started making arrangements.
50% I'm wishy-washy and indecisive.
25% I'd like to attend but there are some things standing in my way that would have to be resolved first.
0% My wife has forbidden me to attend.
Between February 28th and March 3, I will be 19 years or older and legally an adult in the great Province of Ontario, so feel free to schedule depravity, debauchery and drinking.
Under 19 years of age and subject to all those pesky laws that keep small children from unintentionally damaging themselves, so please don't schedule any events in bars or other places that I might get carded.
When will you be arriving? Before Friday Note: airport pick-up unlikely, unless absolutely necessary and scheduled for evening
Friday before 6pm.
Friday after 6pm.
Saturday morning. Note: airport pick-up may not be available depending on other scheduled events.
When will you be leaving? Sunday Night Note: airport drop-off may not be available depending on other scheduled events.
Monday before 6pm.
Monday after 6pm.
After Monday. Note: airport drop-off unlikely, unless absolutely necessary and scheduled for evening
How will you be travelling? Plane (commercial) Flight Information, including airline, arrival/departure time, flight numbers, etc
Train or Bus Arrival information, including station, arrival/departure time, etc
Automobile Provide details, if I have to care:
Other Provide details, if I have to care:
How will you get around Toronto? I'm bringing or renting a car and can provide transportation within Toronto for people other than myself and any guests included in this form.
I'm not bringing and/or renting a car and I will want someone to pick me up at my point of arrival, as well as drive me around during the GTG.
I'm not bringing and/or renting a car and I will need someone to drive me around during the GTG, however I will make my way to and from my point of arrival myself.
The host hotel hasn't been finalized yet, but let's assume it's a reasonably clean, relatively inexpensive tourist class (around USD$75 a night) hotel in some location deemed convenient by the organisors.
Where will you stay? At the host hotel, because that's the most convenient thing for all concerned.
At another location, possibly a hostel or the home of a relative either because it's more affordable or because your great Aunt Norma guilt tripped you into visiting her.
At the Royal York because our pissant little hotel isn't up to your high standards.
Do you need/want to share a room? I sleep naked, so it's probably for the best that I room alone.
I'm bringing a guest and will be sharing with them, have already made arrangements to share or don't want to open myself up to propositions by actively seeking a roommate.
I'm looking for a relatively non-creepy person with whom to share a room. I am a boy a girl.
I want to share with a boy a girl.
I smoke do not smoke.
Good Eats, bad eats
Breakfast and lunch will probably be pretty generic (ie, food courts, pancake houses) but there are a couple of dinners that we'll need to pick restaurants and plan in advance.
What would you be willing and able to budget for the two dinners combined? (in US Dollars) $0-$20
$80 plus
What type of dinners would you prefer?
Sit Down
Teppan Japanese cooking tables like Benihana
Delivery to the GTG suite
Fast Food Courts
For each type of food, please indicate how you feel about it.
  I can't, or won't eat this food because there is nothing on that type of menu that will satisfy my religious, medical or other dietary requirements. My preference would be that we not eat this type of food, but if that's the decisions I will just whine a lot and order the least offensive thing on the menu. I'm indifferent to this type of food. I am generally positive about this type of food. I enjoy this type of food greatly and would like to push for its inclusion in our meal plans.
Generichain (ie, Applebees, Outback)
Italian - Pizza
Italian - Other
Japanese - Sushi
Japanese - Other
Middle Eastern
Which activities would you like to see as part of the GTG schedule? Mocking of bad movies. I have a video I'd like to bring:
I don't own this video, but I'd like to suggest:
Board and other party games. I have a game I'd like to bring:
I don't own this game, but I'd like to suggest:
D&D or other RPG. I'm willing to organize this or be the DM
A party party - drinking, music, dancing, etc.
Going to a bar or night club
A live performance of type
Dave & Buster's (think Chuck E. Cheese for grown-ups).
Some other group activity. I suggest
What would you be willing and able to budget for any organized activities? (in US Dollars) $0-$20
$80 plus