Dysfunctional Pencil Puzzle And Word Games

Published by #spinnwebe Press
Volume 1 - February 2001

Editor - In - Chief: jacquilyn
Executive Editor: spinn
Senior Editor: Raven, anonymous prime
Editors: shil, kaufman, vice pope doug, craig, zompist
Senior Artist: Bil Keane
Artist: Jeffy

Dysfunctional Pencil Puzzles and Word Games #1, February 2001. Published occasionally. Dysfunctional Pencil Puzzles and Word Games is a publication of #spinnwebe Press, a division of Canadienne Press, 6 Addington Ave Toronto ON. Every part of this magazine was reproduced without the prior written permission of the original author. Subscriptions in the US and Canada are free. Elsewhere, $1000000 per issue. Printed in Canada.

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