Dysfunctional Pencil Puzzles And Word Games: Table of Contents

Laddergrams - Solve the clues to spell related words.
Cryptofamilies - Groups of related words in a letter replacement code.
Push Ups - Simple letter replacement puzzle.
Word Mine - List of words found within Dysfunctional.
Word Paths - Find the shortest route from word to another.
Logic Problem - Use your reasoning power to help the spinnettes recover their belongings.
It's a Dysfunctional Figgerit - Solve the clues to help solve the quote.
Falling Captions - Unscramble the letters to reveal historic captions.
Crypto-Ku - Haiku are fun, cryptograms are fun, Crypto-ku must be hilarious.
Skill-o-Gram - Unscramble the picture to reveal a favourite panel from the past.
Answers - Cheat unmercifully.

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