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The HHGTTG Character Affinity Quiz

You have shown a strong affinity for the character Trillian aka Trisha McMillan aka Trillian Astra

What this implies about you is pretty much up for grabs. You are a totally together, intelligent modern person. On the other hand, you seem to spend a lot of time just sort of floating like a prop around your significant other. While excitement, adventure and really wild things are a big part of your life, you have a strong sense of duty and are willing to stop and save the universe if necessary. Attracted to power, you are like the stage manager - you're never going to be the star but you make sure the play goes on.

Some words of advice(with apologies to Ms. Wynette):

Stand by your man
and show the world you love him.
Stop off and save it if you can.
Stand by your man.

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