Welcome to the HHGTTG Character Affinity Quiz

Just answer the simple questions below to determine which HitchHiker character you most resemble. Keep track of the number of As, Fs, Ms, etc that you receive and then follow the instructions at the bottom of the quiz.

NOTE: All the characters and a lot of the activities/items mentioned in this quiz were created by Douglas Adams and he holds the copyrite on these items. This page is meant to be fun and in no way to infringe on those copyrites. So, unless you personally are Douglas Adams (and not just any Douglas Adams but the Douglas Adams in question) be forewarned that since I stole this stuff from DNA, any use of it that you make may infringe on his copyrite.

Your favourite drink is...

A. Tea
F. Old Janx Spirit
M. Motor Oil
T. Vodka
Z. The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Your favourite possession is...

A. A rabbit-skin hold-all
F. Your Towel
M. A bucket to wash your head in
T. Potato Crisps
V. An iron mallet
Z. An orange sash

The word that most accurately describes you is...

A. Lost
F. Froody
M. Paranoid
T. Together
V. Bloodyminded
Z. Self-centered

Your preferred mode of travel is...

A. Velvet paisley-covered Chesterfield sofa
F. Anything you can hitch a ride on
T. In the arms of a Thunder God
V. Vogon Constructor Ship
Z. A transparent globe with a sofa

If you had the Magratheans build you a planet it would...

A. Look a lot like Earth
F. Contain a large lake which thought it was a gin and tonic
M. Be uninhabited, so you wouldn't have to listen to the snivelling of a lesser life form
T. Be quiet, peaceful and not under attack by a supercomputer with feelings of inadequacy
V. Blow itself up without the involvement of a demolition team
Z. Be under your complete control as the supreme ruler

Your favourite song is...

A. Anything by Dire Straits
F. Anything by Disaster Area
M. How I hate the night
V. Music to shout by
Z. Don't give me no more of that Old Janx Spirit

Your favourite recreational activity is...

A. Flying and sex (at the same time, of course)
F. Partying
M. Being wretched
T.Hanging around with your famous boyfriend, saving the universe as necessary
V. Writing poetry
Z. Eating

Your ideal date is...

A. A cellist who think she's a hedgehog
F. Eccentrica Gallumbits, the triple-breasted whore or Eroticon 6
M. None, one is company, two is a crowd
T. The President of the Galaxy
V. None, you have as much sex appeal as a road accident

Your childhood hero was...

F. Hotblack Desiato
M. Hactar
T. Barbara Walters
V. Prostetnic Vogon Yeltz
Z. Yooden Vranx

Your favourite guide entry is...

A. Mostly Harmless
F. Anything you wrote yourself
M. The marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
T. Recreational Impossabilities
V. Effective techniques for planetary destruction
Z. Magrathea

The thing you most dislike is...

A. Nutri-matic Drinks Synthesizer
F. Being forced to save the Universe
M. Everything
T. The supernova bomb
V. Hitchhikers
Z. Eddie, the ship board computer

Your favourite electronic device is...

A. Your digital watch
F. The Electronic Thumb
M. The Total Perspective Vortex (in the real world)
T. Room of Information Illusions
V. 30-megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon Cannon
Z. The Total Perpspective Vortex (in your world)

Your philosophy of life could be summed up as...

A. I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle
F. Always know where your towel is
M. Life, loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it
T. Never go back for your bag
V. Resistance is useless
Z. I'm not going to be anybody's puppet particularily my own

Now, having finished answering all the questions, and keeping track of how many As, Fs, Ms, etc you answered, you are ready to proceed, select the appropriate link below:

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