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The HHGTTG Character Affinity Quiz

You have demonstrated a strong affinity for Zaphod Beeblebrox (either the first or the nothingth, whichever you prefer).

You are a smooooooth one. You have all the charm of Bill Clinton - not to mention his moral standards, business ethics and love of good food. You don't just dream about ruling the world, you actually go out and do it. Well, at least you pretend you do; but hey, if the world looks no farther than the sash, why should you? You are unstoppable, unsinkable and unthinkable. The Guide has entire chapters devoted just to your outlandish personal exploits. The one thing that you have not been successful at is keeping all of this from going to your head.

Some words of advice: Why bother? You aren't going to listen to me anyway.

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